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The Ski-Bowl at Black Mountain

When it comes to downhill skiing and snowboarding, locals think first of Big White. But if you ask an area old-timer, you might learn that folks around here skied much closer to home -- long before Big White opened in 1963.

As early as the 1920s, hardy souls strapped skins to the bottoms of their wooden skis and climbed up the west-facing flank of Black Mountain, in order to enjoy the exhilarating thrill of swooshing back down through the soft, deep (then entirely ungroomed!) snow. Eventually a ski club formed, and the sport really took off. Locals toiled to build two rope tows, a cosy chalet, and even a ski jump!

By the late-1940s, the Black Mountain ski bowl was quite the happening place, with downhill and jumping events drawing competitors from far and wide. But all good things must come to an end, and the ski bowl shut down operations in the early-60s.

It's now history -- but one that continues to fascinate! Two local brothers, Neal and Graham Swett, are determined to figure out exactly where all the ski hill infrastructure was once located. With the help of GPS and volunteers from Friends of Black Mountain who once skied that very slope, they've made some headway.

Ski racer at Black Mountain, 1945. Image #3965, courtesy of Kelowna Public Archives

Local residents try to determine where exactly the ski-bowl was

Local residents Graham and Neal Swett have been trying to figure out exactly where the two rope tows used to be, along with other Black Mountain Ski Bowl infrastructure, including a warming lodge and a ski jump. 

Don as a boy with his father at the Black Mountain ski bowl.

In the fall of 2022, Friends of Black Mountain volunteers Glen Wood and Don Wilson offered to bring their own first-hand experiences of the ski bowl to bear. And so they headed up the mountain with the Swetts, hoping that the detailed memories would come flooding back.

Don standing on the base of the smaller rope tow.

Swett brothers on the base of the tow rope

While it's tough to establish all the exact locations with absolute certainty, progress is certainly being made to map the historic ski hill.

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