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The Friends of Black Mountain have undertaken several initiatives to assess and educate about the park's delicate ecosystems, and address concerns related to the protection of these important ecological areas.​


Looking back over the past five years, we can see other encouraging signs of progress. Vandalism of fences and gates has declined and we see fewer off-road vehicles in the park. We're also pleased that fewer cattle have found their way into the park from neighbouring ranches. Horseback riding is now restricted to designated trails. We will continue to urge hikers, dog walkers and their pets to remain on the trails and to remove all waste.

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Led by Carol Millar, the bluebird project aims to support the region's population of Mountain and Western bluebirds.


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Our volunteers help with monitoring the water levels, plant species and animal residents of the ephemeral ponds.


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Join us for monthly hikes in the park to witness the Okanagan as it changes, and learn about the area and its wildlife.


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