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  • Carol Millar

April 2022 Bluebird Updates

April 3rd, 2022 Eco-watch

By Carol

I had a lovely walk in the Park this week, while checking the nest boxes. No activity in the nest boxes, but I enjoyed seeing many bird species, including several Violet Green Swallows, Tree Swallows, Meadowlarks, Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds and a Red-tailed Hawk.


There was a pack of coyotes about, just east of the knoll adjacent to the ephemeral pond. They were yipping and howling and barking, but mostly yipping. I also saw one trotting down the knoll within the fenced area. I scooted by as quickly as possible. There were some lovely wildflowers out, including yellow bells, spring beauties and buttercups. The Balsam Root will be coming out soon; I saw some in bloom at Kalamoir Park a few days earlier. 


Bluebird Meeting in Vernon on April 2nd

By Carol

An excellent PowerPoint presentation on bluebirds was given by Margaret MacKenzie. A couple of photos were shown, depicting predators in the boxes, including a Gopher Snake and a Weasel! That’s why it is suggested you check boxes from the side and tap lightly with your finger nails to alert any predators, before you open the box. 

I learned that one reason bluebirds tolerate Tree Swallows in nearby boxes is that they don’t compete for the same food source. Bluebirds find food in the grasses (bugs etc.) whereas Tree Swallows catch insects on the fly. Bluebirds have tidy nests made of grasses; Tree Swallow nests have feathers on the top; Wrens have lots of sticks piled up to the top and produce dummy nests to fool predators, and Chickadees and Nuthatches have mossy nests. 

A sticker was produced by the Northern Bluebird Society saying “Bluebird Recovery Project”, which can be put on boxes. I thought this was a good idea. Someone I talked with in the park didn’t know that some birds nest in the ground, which is why we try to discourage people from allowing their dogs to run all over during nesting season. He said we should put up a sign explaining this to people. I told him we were working on it and thanked him for putting his dog on a leash. 

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