Take a tour of the building of the new trail in the park at:

Ian Pooley and Pat Lavender were honoured for their contributions to FOBM after having retired recently from the board. 

A social distancing event was had at the big fir tree on the Ephemeral Pond Trail on Saturday. 

Thank-you Ian and Pat and hope to see you on the trails soon.


Jean-Claude and Rick demonstrate the art of rock slinging. Pick up a really heavy rock and toss it at least 8 feet away from the trail. RDCO says it's to allow the mower to do its thing to clear vegetation at the sides of trails. FOBM members always pitch in.

Peter and Rose show how it is done!

The new grasslands trail is almost complete. It just needs gravel as it connects to the City Park Trail. A gate will also be added at the fence line.


Part of the border between the park and the up-coming vineyard.

A Gopher Snake slid backwards under the cattle guard when we were close by.

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