Spring into a New Season!

Our Annual General Meeting on March 23rd will give us an opportunity to review some gratifying progress in the partially-open Black Mountain Regional Park over the past year, while also launching several exciting initiatives for 2021. This year's guest speaker is Murray Kopp, Director of Park Services at the RDCO. Register by e-mail to receive instructions on joining the teleconference. To vote at the meeting, you need to be a member of FoBM, so please visit our Join Us page to ensure your membership is up-to-date.

The year ahead is going to be a very busy one, with the RDCO gearing up for a grand opening of the entire park. We encourage you to become a member of our organization, and to take part in our efforts to preserve and promote the health of this magnificent corner of our community.

Lost in the Weeds?

FoBM volunteers have toiled for hundreds of hours to build kilometres of trails. But Nature always likes to show who's boss. If you walked our trails last year, you would have noticed the weeds encroaching from all sides.

Which means we have a job to do!

As soon as the ground is soft enough, we'll be organizing teams to clear the trails of weeds and to beat back the grasses along the sides. It's important work because it keeps our trails in good shape, which in turn encourages people to stay on the trails and off the fragile grasslands.


And, of course, it's bracing outdoor exercise, a fine way to vanquish the sloth of the past pandemic year. Sign up for a chance to join in this excellent initiative!  

Fernando Puente

Interested parties?

This year FoBM will be looking for volunteers who want to work in specific interest groups. Those groups would form around a particular park use, including horseback riding, dog walking and mountain biking.


Each group would be tasked with ensuring the responsible use of the park by people in those designated usage groups. 

FoBM would offer training to ensure that everyone in these groups is familiar with park rules and bylaws, and the support needed to carry out their tasks. 

Contact us for more information!

Yaroslava Eff

A view with plenty of room!

Since the start of our organization, FoBM members have led regular guided or interpretative hikes up and around the mountain. We've taken people to the now-defunct ski bowl, explored the ruins of the Pyman Ranch, admired the ephemeral ponds, and hiked all the way up to the summit. 

Unfortunately, last year was largely a bust because of Covid-19 restrictions. We're hoping that, as the famous pandemic curve flattens, we'll once again be able to lead park visitors across the hills and dales of Black Mountain.

Best of all, we'll be able to show off our two handsome new benches, gifted to you and others who enjoy the Coyote and Ephemeral Pond trails. These benches, carefully positioned to afford maximally stupendous valley views, are expected to be installed by the RDCO in spring.

Watch our website for updates on our hiking program.

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