We're So Glad You're Here!

Friends of Black Mountain is an entirely volunteer-run organization, from our Board of Directors to the hardy volunteers who clear trails, monitor the health of the regional park's delicate ecosystem, or organize fundraising drives for special projects. We try to keep our membership dues low because...well, who really wants to pay in order to work for free?

That's why we appreciate donations -- from you and all of your friends!

To donate to Friends of Black Mountain, simply send an online e-transfer to friendsblackmountain@gmail.com (note there is no "of'" in the address!) Be sure to include your name and e-mail address, so that we can thank you and send you a charitable donation receipt in return.
If writing a cheque is easier, please make it out to Friends of Black Mountain and mail or deliver it to:
Treasurer, FOBM
900 Stockley Street
Kelowna, BC, V1P 1R6
Please include your name and return address for a charitable receipt.
We thank you most sincerely for your support of Friends of Black Mountain!