The 2021 Bluebird Season is Underway!

Every year, FoBM volunteers with an interest in birds set up and monitor a series of wooden boxes that are specially designed and placed to attract bluebirds to build their nests. The objective is to support the region's population of two species of bluebirds -- Mountain and Western. Led by FoBM Board Member Carol Millar, team members regularly check the boxes, and report their findings here.


It is critically important that these birds not be disturbed, so please do not approach any of the nesting boxes, and always keep your dogs on leashes. If you're curious to know what happens inside the boxes, simply visit this site from time to time, as we'll post regular updates and photographs. 


To read Carol Millar's 2020 Bluebird watch diary click here

First Report from John

April 6   P1 and P2 - empty

                   W1 –  4 blades of grass

                   W2 -  3 blades of grass

                   W3  -  nest being built

                   W4  -  Western bluebird on house; I believe the female flew close by

                   W5  -  Mountain bluebird and female near house

                   W6 and W7 - empty 

                   Will check W8 to W12 next week


April 9   S1 – empty

                   S2 - 3 blades of grass

                   S3 to S6 - empty

April 20   P1 and P2  empty

                    W1 – Completed bluebird nest. They are dynamiting 50 ft from this box.

                    W2 - empty

                    W3 – nest being built, but not by bluebirds

                    W4 – empty

                    W5 – completed Mountain bluebird nest

                    W6 through W12 - all empty

                    S1 through S6  - all empty