Bluebird Diary 2020

Please do not check inside boxes without FOBM permission. Too much disruption may cause birds to abandon their nests. Thanks!

Two lovely photos by Jean-Claude of Bluebirds checking out our nest boxes this year.

The one on the left is a male Mountain Bluebird and the one on the right is a Western Bluebird. 

April 24

Box 1    Western Bluebirds were hanging around, eyeing the box.

Box 2    Another pair of Western Bluebirds were eyeing this box.

Box 3    No evidence of nesting.

Box 4    No evidence of nesting or Bluebirds or Swallows at this site.

Box 5    No obvious sightings of birds but a nest here is clearly underway.

Box 6    A pair of Mountain Bluebirds were hanging around this box. 

Boxes 7 - 12 had no evidence of nesting activity or Bluebirds or Swallows in vicinity.

May 6

Box 1     5 Western Bluebird eggs

Box 2     Western Bluebird nest almost completed

Box 3 - 5   Nothing in boxes

Box 6      6 Mountain Bluebird eggs

Box 7 - 12  nothing in boxes

May 15

Box 1      Western Bluebird sitting on nest (still 5 eggs, I presume)

Box  2     Western Blubird nest with 5 eggs

Box  3 - 5    Empty

Box 6      Mountain Bluebird box with 6 eggs (female flew off the nest when we opened the box. But all seems well as we saw both male & female near box later.)

Boxes 7 - 12   Empty

May 23

Box 1      5 Western Bluebirds all hatched

Box 2       5 Western Bluebird eggs

Box 3      Violet Green Swallows seen in vicinity

Box 6       6 Mountain Bluebirds all hatched

Box 4, 5, 7 - 12 empty

6 Mountain Bluebird eggs in box 6

Joan peaks into a nest.

May 30

Box 1     5 Western Bluebirds young in nest. 

Box 2     5 very young Western Bluebirds in nest. They can be checked once more.

Box 6     5 or 6 young Mountain Bluebirds on nest. See photo below. 

Boxes 3-5 empty. We didn't check the last 6 boxes as nothing likely. 

Box S2   Western Bluebirds were building a nest. 

April 21     Again Western Bluebirds have been spotted by 2 nest boxes. Both pairs of Western Bluebirds were seen with straw in their mouths going into the boxes to add a bit more to their architectural masterpieces. Small bits of straw were also seen in boxes 6, 7 and 8. Could these possibly be the beginnings of new nests? 

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